Piano Tuning Service

Piano Tuning Services

A Thru Z’s Complete Piano Service offers piano tuning services of the highest standard no matter the type, age, Upright or Grand Piano. If piano is in tuneable condition we can keep the piano sounding great or bring it back to its harmonious best.

Our Policy

Our policy to our customers is simple and hopefully reassuring, we will give you an honest opinion of the condition of your piano and not recommend work unless it makes economic sense.

Some Advice

A good piece of advice if you are buying, inheriting or being given a piano, is to have it checked out as this can save you a lot of money in buying and moving costs. Older pianos may have structural problems that only an expert can determine!

How much does piano tuning cost?

Piano tuning for a maintained piano is usually $110-$150 + tax.

Piano tuning for an un-maintained piano is usually $150- $250 + tax.

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We have been Tuning Pianos in the Greater Cleveland, Northeast Ohio area full time over 35 years!

How Much Does A Piano Tuning Cost?

Average tuning service call cost is $110 – $150 + tax, if piano has been maintained. If it’s been a long time since its last service, average tuning service call cost is $150 –  $250 + tax. Pianos that haven’t been tuned on a regular basis take a lot more work to get them sounding good.

Piano Needs Repairs?

If your piano needs repairs, please inform us and we will allow extra time in the appointment.  All repairs will be quoted at the time of your appointment, but if you describe your issues with the piano we will try to give you a price range of costs.  Our goal is to give you the highest quality piano service at reasonable rates. To schedule an appointment, call our office and if we are out, please leave a message. It’s too hard to setup over email because our schedule changes so fast.

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