Buy a Piano!

Buy A Piano

A Thru Z’s Complete Piano Service and Sales is a small mom & pop operation. Our goal is to provide the highest quality piano sales at reasonable rates. We pride ourselves on the pianos we provide, from beginner pianos to high end upright and grand pianos. All pianos are totally reconditioned and tuned A440 concert pitch.

We understand full well that to buy a piano for the first time, or to upgrade your piano, can be a mine-field of options. We have over 35 years of piano experience, including tuning, servicing and selling pianos. We are a family business and we provide a no pressure approach to piano sales.

Local Piano Sales

If you are local to us, we provide Free 1st Floor Delivery and a Piano Warranty, no fine print. Very simply, anything breaks we fix with parts and labor included with service call fee. This is everything you need to consider with a piano purchase, your FINAL COST.

Non-Local Piano Sales

We will help in any way possible with options for delivery, storage and anything to make it a smooth transaction!

Our promise to you, the customer, is you will know exactly what you are buying at a fair price.

Since 1980, we have been selling pianos in the Greater Cleveland Akron, Northeast Ohio area, and now all over the country!


Grands, Baby Grands, Uprights, Consoles & Studios

Picking the Right Piano

In our experience, it really boils down to the person who is playing the piano; loving the ‘touch’ & ‘tone’ of the piano. Even children who have only learned a few simple tunes know what they like from one piano to another. Everyone likes different things in terms of touch & tone. So our job is to provide well prepared pianos; we can give advice but we cannot pick the right instrument for any one pianist.

It’s important to understand that pianos have different sizes from the smallest piano height of 36” and all the way to the 9 foot concert grand. The string length is increased with the height or length of the piano therefore giving relative depth of tone and volume.

Free Piano?

Just remember that a Free Piano is not Free after you move – tune – repair it, yes some pianos aren’t tunable!

Lot of Options

Our stock constantly changes, so please visit the links below for the current pianos in stock and pricing.

Why Buy A Piano from Us?

All the pianos we sell are good for beginners and are a GREAT VALUE with MOVING & TUNING! If you are looking to get your kids started, or yourself, at a good price, give Bob or Tim a call!

  • The average tuning costs are $100-$200 and the average moving costs are $200-$300. When you buy a piano from A Thru Z’s, tuning and local moving are included in the price!
  • Our stock constantly changes, so please visit the links below for the current pianos in stock and pricing.
  • Pianos are shown by appointment only. If you see a piano you like, send us a message!


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